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Andriolo Engenharia was founded by Francisco Rodrigues Andriolo in 1994 to innovate construction engineering, repair services and project development. With long experience, the company was created to cooperate in all phases of concrete constructions. Our experience stems, initially, from the knowledge of materials and concrete technology, in the laboratory and its use in constructions. We seek practicality, in all aspects, specifying materials, concrete and methods, guiding the production, handling and placement of concrete in various normal and adverse situations of place and climate, with advantages to short and long ages. Andriolo can cooperate in the selection of materials, cements, pozolanic materials, dosages and properties of concretes. Andriolo advises in several countries helping clients to obtain benefits in the use of concrete through innovative technologies and methodologies. From the feasibility phases to the execution is the optimization of Costs, Safety, Quality and Speed. It adds values through the planning, selection and processing of materials, facilities, design and construction steps, including the search for durability in new structures, advising performance tests of concrete constituent materials and concrete specifications, cooperating in all aspects of performance based on the latest technology developments. In addition to the choice of materials and the dosage of concrete, Andriolo focuses on the technologies and methodologies of construction and auscultation, such as:

  • Monitoring; Inspection,
  • Testing and diagnostics solving problems related to the characteristics of fresh concrete, low resistances and Failure to comply with the requirements;
  • Aspects of pathologies, damage and deterioration of concrete, through inspection and testing.


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Francisco Rodrigues Andriolo, is a Brazilian citizen (August 24th, 1945), graduated civil engineer structures in 1969 from the School of Engineering of São Carlos – University of São Paulo – Brazil


    • Between 1/1970 - 06/1975: worked in the Quality Control System during the construction of the Ilha Solteira Hydroelectric Power Plant (3,600,000 m3 of concrete);
    • Between 1975/07-09/1980: he was responsible for the Quality Control System of Materials and Concrete (Laboratory, Aggregates, Concrete Production, Instrumentation and Construction Control) of the Itaipu Binational Project (14,000,000 m3 of Concrete);

    • He was responsible for the installation of about 1,500 instruments for the monitoring of the Itaipu Dam;

    • Between 10/1980 and 1984: worked at Themag Engenharia- Hydro Projects Company, in Brazil;

    • Since 1984, he has been a Consultant and director of Andriolo Engenharia Ltda. ( having participated in more than 200 works in 36 countries; Published 10 Books and more than 170 articles;

    • He has been a member of the National Academy of Engineering since 2015 (


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Av. Dr. Paulo Pinheiro Werneck, 850, Parque Santa Mônica
Cep: 13561-235, São Carlos, SP, Brasil
Fone: +55 16 3307-6078, +55 11 98115-8079